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Buffy: "You faced the monster inside of you and you fought back. You risked everything to be a better man."

Spike: "Buffy..."

Buffy: "And you can be. You are. You may not see it, but I do. I do. I believe in you, Spike."
'Cause I'm not ready
for you to not be here


Happy 39th, Sean Maher! —April 16, 2014

btvs appreciation week: [day 2] favorite pairing or friendship → dawn summers & spike

"I feel safe with you." "Take that back!"

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Sarah Michelle Gellar (April 14th 1977, New York)


Happy Birthday Sarah Michelle Gellar

"You know what? I only see myself doing films that interest me and that are a little bit off the beaten path. I will go wherever that takes me. I just - I always say it just can’t be generic. I can’t be the girlfriend or the wife or the - you can’t play the characters that I’ve been blessed to play and then do that. I can’t be the ‘girl’ in the film".


Spuffy Moments - Something Blue - [10/14]

Buffy: She did a spell.
Giles: Yes.. to have her will done. Whatever she says is coming true.
Buffy: And you both were effected. I probably only escaped because I’m the Slayer. Some kind of natural immunity.
Xander: Yeah. Right. You’re marrying Spike because you’re so right for each other.
Buffy: Xander.
Spike: That’s it — you’re off the usher list.
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